SYCS: Mini Session

4 weeks for $150




The Mini Session is a 4 week mixed level class designed around the Baker Challenge. This class is perfect for those that want to try climbing out, but might not be ready for a 10 week class. Or for those that want to keep the climbing going until the next 10 week session. Climbers will receive individualized instruction geared to their ability level. Ages 6+

Includes rentals.

Mondays    4:30pm- 6:30pm  
                                                  Wednesdays  4:30pm- 6:30pm

Open for registration

SYCS: Summit Day Camps 

1 Day Camps for $85



Our Summit Day Camps are back for winter break. A full day of climbing, games, and more climbing. If you are looking for something for your young climber to do over the break, we have you covered.  Age 6+

Includes rentals. 


December 28th   9:00am- 3:00pm

                                                  December 29th    9:00am- 3:00pm

December 30th   9:00am- 3:00pm 


Open for registration


SYCS: Beginner Class


10 weeks for $300


Membership Add-On: $85


For our beginner climbers, we offer a 10-week program to learn the basics of climbing while also learning technique, equipment, climbing ethics, and more. Each lesson will build on the last to create a foundation for each climber to take with them.  Ages 6+

Includes rentals.

Mondays 4:00pm– 5:30pm
Thursdays 4:00pm- 5:30pm
                                                       Saturdays   10:00am- 11:30am


Next session open for registration: January – March 2021

SYCS: Intermediate Class

10 weeks for $300


Membership Add-On: $85


For our climbers in the V1+/5.9+ range who are ready for the next level of curriculum. This program will cover technique, form, training and much more. Each weekly lesson will build on the last to ultimately create an experienced and proficient climber, and expand on the foundation they started with. If you feel that your student is ready for intermediate without having gone through our beginner course please reach out to our Youth Coordinator. Ages 6+

Includes rentals. 

Mondays 5:30pm-7:30pm
Thursdays 5:30pm- 7:30pm
Saturdays   2:00pm- 4:00pm

Next Session open for registration: January – March 2021

SYCS: Advanced Class

10 weeks for $300


Membership Add-On: $85


For our climbers in the V3+/5.10b+ range who are ready for the next level of curriculum. This 10-week program focuses on applying the climbing skills and techniques learned in the beginner and intermediate courses. The 10-weeks are divided into a bouldering focus and a top rope focus with an emphasis on drills and focused growth for climbing. This is a great precursor for young climbers who are interested in Climbing Team as it follows a similar format. Ages 6+

Includes rentals.

Wednesdays    4:30pm- 6:30PM
Sundays 2:00pm- 4:00pm

Next Session open for registration: January – March 2021

SYCS: Homeschool/ Mixed Level 

10 weeks for $300


Membership Add-On: $85


For climbers from beginner to advanced, we offer a 10-week course that can fulfill a homeschool PE credit. Students will receive personalized instruction based on their climbing skills and experience as well as a structured workout in each class. Class is set up that your student will not only grow in their climbing abilities, but also their confidence and problem-solving skills as they participate each week. Age 6+

Includes rentals. 


Wednesdays 11:00pm- 12:30pm
                                                  Thursdays        11:00am- 12:30pm 


Next Session open for registration: January – March 2021


Youth Intro to Climbing Class

$40 – Ages 6+

For the young climbers out there who want to give rock climbing a shot, we offer a one-hour introductory class that covers the basics of climbing and makes sure to get them plenty of time on the wall. The class give an overview of bouldering, top rope, and autobelays. Students will learn about gym etiquette, how to read the difficulty of routes, and generally how to best use their arms and legs to climb. 

 Includes rentals.

Starting Saturday, April 17th, 2021 

Saturdays 4:00pm– 5:00pm

Summit Everett climbing team is for climbers ages 8-17 who are looking to grow as climbers and individuals.

The climbing team trains for climbing competitions overseen by an experienced climbing coach.
Training will include climbing drills, and specialized workouts.

• Practices are Tuesday, Thursday, and/or Friday from 4:30-6:30pm.
• Climbers are required to come to at least 2 practices each week.

Cost: $190/month

Includes rentals, membership, and free entry to competitions held at Summit Everett. Contact [email protected] to sign up.

Climbing Club is back!

Club is excellent for intermediate to advanced climbers ages 8-17 looking for ways to train and improve their climbing without the commitment of team. Club meets every Friday with the Summit Everett team coaches for 2 hours of climbing and training.

Cost: $100/month

Includes rentals and membership.


Q: How will social distancing be enforced during classes?
A: While in the classroom and gym the students will be encouraged to keep space from one another as we do warm ups, climbs, and stretching. 

Q: Are masks required?
A: Per Governor Inslee’s mask mandate students are required to wear masks unless they have medical complications. We ask that students where their masks at all times.

Q: Are the water fountains available for use?
A: At this time the water fountains are closed to stay within Washington’s Safe Start guidelines. Please make sure to have your student bring a filled water bottle to class.

Q: Youth memberships used to be included with the class. What changed?
A: We wanted to give parents an option to include the youth membership or not. By including the youth membership you save 20% over the three months. Additionally, if you sign up for a youth membership after the 3 months we will waive the $40 signup fee.

Q: The homeschool and beginner classes used to be 2 hours. Why is it now only 1.5 hours, but the same price as the 2 hour classes?
A: The new format of the homeschool class is that it will be personalized instruction for each student attending. Rather than having one curriculum for all levels, the instructor will adapt instruction to what is needed based on the student’s age and ability level. Additionally, if there is any paperwork or specific workouts required or requested for the PE credit this would be the class that we can make that happen.

Q: If classes fill up will other options be added? If a class has less than 3 students will it still happen?
A: We will evaluate adding or combining classes on a case by case basis.

Q: If my child is exposed or shows symptoms of Covid-19 and has to miss class how will the classes be made up?
A: We will offer a two week pass for the youth and supervising adult so they can come in and climb. For all other reasons to miss our Youth Coordinator will email out lesson plans for the weeks missed upon request.


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“The community is welcoming, the instructors are friendly, and they strike a good balance between letting the kids make their own mistakes and offering specific suggestions. My son’s climbing is continuously improving and he is so excited to go every week!”


Monday-Tuesday: 2pm—9pm
Wednesday-Friday: 6am—9pm
Saturday-Sunday: 10am—7pm