Phase 2 FAQ

What plans and passes are valid?
In order to operate at a limited capacity, we are only open to valid plan or pass holders. This includes: 

  • Monthly Membership
  • Youth Membership
  • Annual Membership
  • 3 Month Membership
  • One Month Pass
  • 10 Visit Punch Pass

Can I bring in a guest?
Not during Phase 2. Again, we are open to membership holders only, however anyone can sign up for a new membership during this time.
Do I have to wear a mask?
As of June 26th 2020 we will be requiring everyone in our facility to wear masks in accordance with the Washington state mandate. If you have health issues please consult your physician about climbing with a mask on.
Are memberships prorated when I sign back up?
Yes, your membership is prorated from the day of your first visit back.
Your hours have changed, what are the new hours?
Monday: 2pm-9pm
Tuesday-Friday: 12pm-9pm
Saturday-Sunday: 12pm-5pm
Can I bring in spectators?
No, we have a limited number of climbers we can let in during Phase 2.
Can I bring in Kids?
Only if they have their own membership. Any child under the age of 14 still needs to be under direct supervision, which for now means that both the adult and child need to be members.

Have another question?
Feel free to call or email us at [email protected]